Blogger Update: Great Expectations

by Jaime on December 16, 2009

Hey guys… I didn’t get to do an update this Sunday, so I thought I’d pop in and do a little one for you today, and explain a couple of things to you (as well as a couple of things that are going on in my life as well).

First off, yesterday marked the 500th post on I can’t believe I’ve posted this much (and in just over six months, no less!) and I’m so thankful for every comment, every little message and every email I’ve received. I know I’m not always the best at responding to them all, but I do read each and every one I get and it seriously makes my day a million times better with each one. You’re the reason I keep going with this, so thank you.

I’ve also had some great news in my “day job” as well… I’ve been hired on as a salaried employee (they initially took me on as a temporary position to see if I panned out), and am officially their Social Media Specialist as well as working with PR.

It’s a great job and I love doing it, but this also means more responsibilities. I don’t plan on it taking over my writing here (after all, a girl needs an outlet to share her love for denim), but for the beginning, I might be a little stressed. Because of this, I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in writing guest blogs here on the site. I’ve got around seven great prospects, but the more, the merrier, so email me with your ideas.

Finally, the folks over at YMI Jeans gave me a big surprise on Monday after I posted the review and giveaway. Instead of one pair of jeans, they’re giving away FIVE pairs to readers. So, go enter for your chance to win… the contest ends on the 24th, so get your butt moving!

Alright, so that pretty much catches you up. You guys are positively the best, and I am… well, I’m honored that you come to visit my site.


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