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by Jaime on December 20, 2009

It’s early (okay, not really, but C. and I took a nap today at 9am after waking up at 6.), and it’s been another amazing week here.

We’ve broken 150 followers via Google Friend Connect (and over 200 on Feedburner!), so I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who has decided to follow me here and has stayed interested in what we’re doing.

Because we’ve hit this milestone (as well as breaking 300 Facebook Fans and 1600 Twitter Followers), I’m going to break out another giveaway tomorrow morning instead of waiting until this one ends. Here’s your little sneak peek:

I’ll keep updating as the day (and the week) goes on, but expect to see this giveaway pop up tomorrow! Get prepared by subscribing to emails, Google Friend Connect and following on Twitter and Facebook.
PS: If you’re a nail fan, nails of the day has just broken 100 followers on its second month! Because of this, I’m adding to the giveaway sometime this week. Stay tuned!

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