Tweets to Follow: Denim Writers and Blogs

by Jaime on November 21, 2009

I thought I’d take #FollowFriday one step further and list out the denim writers and bloggers that I know of (and follow!) on Twitter. If you guys like this, I’ll do a “Denim Brands on Twitter” post as well. Some of the biggest names are up there and tweeting… and they’re fun to follow!

But now, on with the show! If you’re not already following Denim Debutante on Twitter, please do and @ me a message. I’ll add you right away!

  1. @RossTucker: Ross wrote the WWD article about Denim Bloggers… and he’s a Univ. of Michigan fan. This makes him the coolest person to follow ever.
  2. @Denimology: Denimology is currently the biggest denim blog out there. Andy, Liane and Jessie all tweet occasionally, and they run giveaways through their twitter.
  3. @DenimGeek: Another blogger included in the WWD article. Liam actively tweets posts from his blog.
  4. @TheDenimGuy: WWD Denim Blogger. Johnny keeps his twitter stream fresh and funny and actively tweets his blog posts.
  5. @DenimBlog: Don’t see much interaction from them on Twitter, but they do tweet about their newest posts. They’re big on contests, too.
  6. @JeanTherapy: A denim shop in Boston run by a fabulous (and hilarious!) woman, Leah, who is totally fun to tweet with.
  7. @DenimHunt: Shanna of DenimHunt doesn’t tweet a lot, but tweets well when she does.
  8. @KTLT: Khang writes for WWD in LA and covers fashion as well as denim.
  9. @Denimaniac: Doesn’t tweet too often, but a great blog deserves some credit.
  10. @carpedenim: Not much tweeting either, but they post every back pocket they find. What a fun resource!

If you think I missed someone (and we both know I did, since I just went with the top ten), add them in the comments. I’ll lengthen the list!


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