How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

by Jaime on November 3, 2009

I have a problem; I can’t turn down jeans.

Maybe for some people, that’s not an actual issue (hell, if I only paid $20 a pair or had an unlimited budget, I wouldn’t feel so crappy about it either!), but for me, it’s an all-out internal war trying to decide whether I’m going to bite the bullet and buy the pair.

So, here are my three main lessons to make sure you buy the right pair for you.

Because, even denim queens make mistakes. For example: my first pair of Citizens of Humanity was a size 28. Why, when I’m a solid 0/2, would I buy a pair of jeans that are two sizes two big?

They were on sale.

Lesson #1: If it’s on sale, and it’s not your size, it’s not a good deal.

I ended up giving those jeans away. Yeah, it was great that I got them new for $60. But, it was even better for my sister, who ended up inheriting them from me.

But, hey. I learned from that one, right? Well, sort of. I still make that mistake every now and then. Which is why my friends, sisters… and sisters’ friends have gotten some great jeans out of me.

And why I have learned so much about sizing. Hey, being a Denim Debutante doesn’t happen overnight. Mistakes are bound to happen to everyone on the road to true denim happiness, but you’ve got to be able to overcome them.

Lesson #2: Just because it’s fashionable now, doesn’t mean you’ll want to see yourself wearing it in five years.

We’ve all made this mistake. I remember a pair of green Parasuco jeans that I had with bright yellow, orange and red stitching along the front of the pant leg that said “Parasuco” in cursive… and I cringe just thinking about it (nothing against the current Parasuco trends, which are totally wearable and don’t have multi-colored stitching down the thigh).

Or, how about the trend where the bottom of your jeans were lobbed off in favor of lace and velour… yikes!

Go for staples, especially when you’re dropping wads of cash on them. You want something you can wear… and wear…. and wear out!

Lesson #3: If you don’t love it, don’t buy it!

Your tastes aren’t going to change overnight. Believe me, sometimes I see certain fads come around, and part of me wishes that I’d be able to have the guts to try it.

But why? It’s not my style. I don’t even really like it. But, everybody’s wearing it…

No! If everybody was wearing it, you’d be wearing it too. And, you’re not. For me, that’s the boyfriend jean fad. Or maybe the newer lace-on-denim fad (which, I’m kind of sad to admit, is really growing on me). I know so many people who adore them both so, in a way, I feel like I’m missing out. But on the flip side, I’ve got some great pairs of denim that I’ve had for years, and will have for years to come.

So, don’t just go for price tags and fads. Follow your heart, and you’ll feel good, look good and be happier about the lifestyle purchase you just made… because that’s what good denim really is, a lifestyle.


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