Guest Blog: Yoyo's Black Orchid Denim Review

by Jaime on November 2, 2009

Yoyo is back, and she’s offering up another denim review for you… this time, for the lower-priced brand Black Orchid. To read my review, click here. Also, Black Orchid is going to be up on Hautelook today. If you like the brand (and your opinion differs from Yoyo’s and my own), feel free to use my invite to grab a pair.

And now, on with the review!

Yoyo’s Denim Review: Black Orchid

I used to be a skeptic of skinny jeans. With my height and shape, I always thought that skinny jeans would look horrible on me. I was one of those girls who thought only the tall and thin could carry the skinny jeans look. And yet somehow I was convinced to try out a pair and discovered that certain skinny jeans can look pretty darn good on me and the skinny leg was good for cuffing or hemming (hemming bootcut and wide leg jeans always looked a little off to me for some reason). Ever since discovering that skinny jeans could actually be quite versatile, I have been on a constant search for good skinny jeans to go with my plethora of clothes. And that is how I came to discover Black Orchid.

My pair of Black Orchid jeans is a jade color skinny jean that I got for about half its retail price. A lot of people rant and rave about how much they love Black Orchid and that’s great for them but I have found that I feel sort of “meh” about my pair. First off, I don’t really like the fabric. It’s relatively soft (not nearly as soft as my Hudsons or Joe’s Jeans at all, though) BUT seems thin and has already started to wear thin in places even though I’ve only worn these jeans for about two months. For a pair of jeans that are suppose to be designer and premium, that seems like a rather… short lifespan. The fabric is okay but I’ve found similar quality from places like H&M, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Another issue is that these jeans stretch out like no other. Halfway through the day I feel like my butt is all baggy. I like stretchy jeans overall and prefer my jeans to be a bit loose but baggy butt by noon is not exactly what I want out of my designer denim. If I want baggy butt I’ll throw on my rough & tumble Old Navy jeans. I don’t know if other people have this problem with their Black Orchids but I do and I really dislike it. A little stretch is a necessity in my jeans; baggy butt is a big no.

I will say this for Black Orchids, they do start at a lower price point than some of my other designer denim. But when I spend about $100 or more for a pair of denim, I really want quality that I don’t think I really get from Black Orchids. If I can find similar jeans for much less, why should I bother with them? Also, a lot of other better denim lines have jeans on sale at about the same price as a pair of Black Orchids that have much better quality, in my very honest opinion.

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