Dorky Emotional Moment, Take One

by Jaime on November 11, 2009

I sat alone at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants (not my ultimate favorite, as that’s WAY far away from home), and indulged in some very-bad-for-you food that was oh-so-good.

Okay, maybe I had a margarita too.

One of my favorite things about eating alone? Being able to bring a book, move at my own pace and be comfortable (once I avoid the stares of the other patrons and servers… why do they do that anyways?!?!) all while just being me. It’s something that I haven’t done since I moved out here to Denver, and I’m glad I’m picking it back up again.

So, today’s read of the week? What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis. I know, it has nothing to do with denim or anything of that nature but, in some strange way, it’s reminding me why I started this blog in the first place. Why I blog period, whether it’s for work or here. And how absolutely mind-blowing it is that so many of you come here, every day, and read what I have to say.

There are some things that I want and need to change about my site. I’m in awe of you just coming to it everyday, but I know I can make it better. And, honestly? I think I need to start my own line. I don’t know where the capital is going to come from, where I’ll find the ways to do it (or the time to do it, for that matter), but I’m going to. It means too much for me not to at least get it in the works.

Get ready for some changes… both in the blog, and in me. And stick around…. I promise I’ll make it worth the wait.


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