Denim Brand Airess & Church Launches on Twitter

by Jaime on November 18, 2009

Talk about changing the way denim brands do business! Airess & Church Brand Merchandise will be the first fashion brand ever to launch exclusively on Twitter. Here’s their press release:

Primarily a denim brand, Airess & Church is not scheduled to release any merchandise to the general public until 2010. However, the brand will open its website( and allow its Twitter followers to purchase their limited edition “Native Soil Collection” on a date and time only to be revealed in updates via their Twitter page.

A&C who has already vowed to never sell its brand in stores (tagline: Never in Stores, Always in Style), now seems to be segmenting the market even more. “Twitter has been paramount in generating anticipation of our launch and assisting in the growth of our brand. No other social media outlet had been more beneficial in providing our staff such critical insight into our customer base” said Brand Manager, Courtney Wilson.

Already A&C has several thousand followers, all of whom have been privy to A&C’s exploits in preparation for its big release. The brand’s Creative Director, Joi Jackson noted “we think it’s pretty cool, our
twitter community has been especially that releasing it to only our followers first, was a great way to show our appreciation.”

Follow Airess & Church on Twitter at:

I’ve found out that the retail price is $169.00 for this exclusive release… and there is something awesome to be said about getting a pair of jeans before anyone else (believe me, I know!).

Are you a twitter user (if so, make sure you’re following your faithful Denim Debutante!)? How does this compare to other brands’ Twitter promotions? Are you tempted to try this one out, or do you need more information?


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