Blogger Update: November 15, 2009

by Jaime on November 16, 2009

I usually write on the weekends without fail. This weekend, however, has been one where I’ve kept busy.

Well, busy for me. Here are a couple of updates.

 - I decided to stop clobbering a denim blog with my nail polish swatches, so I decided to put them in their place… on their own page. Feel free to check them out if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s on my sidebar, but here’s the link: Nails of the Day.

- C. and I had a romantic little get-away… which is an overstatement, because we just stayed in the downtown Sheraton here in Denver. It was nice though; the hotel was gorgeous and aside from a fire alarm right when we got there, the swarm of Marines (I guess the Corps Ball was that night, and yet I was still somehow able to get a room for super cheap…) and the slow response time of the valet (between the snow and the Marines, we had to wait 45 minutes after being quoted 25-30, but were taken care of wonderfully by one of the valets once I spoke up), the hotel was lovely. We had a fab little fruit and cheese plate, some wine and watched movies. That’s my story on that. :)

- Really though, Sunday has been massively unproductive. We’ve watched a lot of football (I’m head over heels in love with NFL RedZone) and are currently watching the Patriots lead over the Colts (sorry M., go Pats!). Milo obviously missed us a bit, because he’s been ridiculously cuddly. Case and point:

 Aren’t they cute?
- Tomorrow, I’ll be posting about a brand I’ve only vaguely mentioned before. I’m pretty ridiculously pleased. Stay tuned.


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