Tired and (not so) Uninspired

by Jaime on October 21, 2009

Photo from Leanne Wildermuth

Sometimes you read something that is so inspiring, you can’t help but sit back and, well, be speechless.

That’s how I felt when I flipped over to Awakened Aesthetic today. Every Wednesday, Jen throws out her usual format and just says what she wants to say. This time around, it really hit me hard. Here’s a snippet:

It’s inevitable that, the moment you group women in their teens or twenties together, they’ll start to insulate themselves by talking about other people. Then they’ll further insulate themselves by talking about each other, moving into smaller and smaller groups…until there’s just two or three girls, feeling insecure and acting strangely adamant that they’ve rated everyone else’s worth – and their own – and can now be satisfied.

Okay, that last part is a lie. Living that way is never satisfying. I know, because I’ve done it. Hell, who hasn’t?

So, you can kind of tell why I’m over the moon. I keep going back to my post last week where I was just realizing that. You never know when these things are going to hit you, and when the right words are going to come out.

We need to make a change, each and every one of us. The day we all start deriving our self-worth from ourselves, our accomplishments and who we are instead of who we are perceived to be, we’ll be in a much, much better place.

Love yourself. You’re the only one we have.


PS: for those of you who don’t get the title, it’s loosely from a song by The Gloria Record, “Tired and Uninspired”. One of my most favorite bands in the history of music. Look up the lyrics. It makes sense…. I promise.

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