Must Have: Bristols 6 Hem Tape

by Jaime on October 20, 2009

You guys know me. I’m… well, I’m kind of short. At 5’5, most upscale denim is not made to fit my 31″ (I like to say 31.5″ on a good day) inseam, and C. doesn’t always want to hem my jeans… not that I blame him.

So, when I was contacted to try out some of the Bristols 6 Hem Tape, I was excited. If you remember, Laura from Lollie Shopping had written a fab guest post about these (as well as the Instant Button), so I had a little knowledge of the company and the product.

Here’s my experience:

I decided to try they out on a pair of Kasil jeans that I hadn’t been able to get hemmed (C. hates hemming flares and bootcut jeans), so these gorgeous babies were just sitting in my desk, waiting to be delivered to the tailor.

First, I turned them inside out (after putting them on and deciding how much length I wanted to “remove”) and folded the cuff back. I ended up using 3 strips of tape per leg (six total/a third of the 18-strip package) and, once the tape was secure, ironed the jeans.

Yes, you lose the original hem (though I have to look into seeing if I could make it work the way that C. hems my straight leg jeans), but the end result looks clean and, for me, was really successful. Plus, they left no residue whatsoever… a nice change from some other hem tape options I’ve used in the past!

A pack of Bristols 6 Hem Tape will set you back $12 for 18 strips… and, from my experience, they’ll stay on your pair of jeans for two wears (at least… I haven’t tested them any further than that). Just make sure to take them off before you wash them!

You can find them at Bristols 6′s website.


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