Montreal: Parasuco Sample Sale

by Jaime on October 22, 2009

This sounds like an awesome Sample Sale (even for those of us who don’t speak French fluently!), and I wish I could be there.

So, those of you in Montreal, save me a pair in a 26, please!

The banner has all the crucial details, but here are the big bits:

October 22- 25 (hours are different depending on the day, so check the poster… I’m too lazy to convert Military Time, but the first is 9am to 9pm… just to prove to you that I am capable of such things)
Discounts up to 80% off

and, the kicker…

One of a Kind Samples! This is fairly rare these days, so take advantage of it! Go shop and enjoy, my darling Canadians (or is it Montrealans? Montrealites? Oh, I don’t know.)!


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