How to: Wear Jeans and Love Yourself

by Jaime on October 16, 2009

Photo from HipGirlie. 

I’ve been getting a lot of hits onto the site with words like “Denim Fashion,” “Denim Reviews” (as well as specific denim brands, but that’d take forever to list!) and “Denim Leggings” and, with the last one in particular it makes a lot of sense to me personally… this fashion statement is one that’s kind of intimidating for some people. Coming from a person who wants to learn as much about trends as possible (though I refuse to wear harem pants… that’s just a big no. Even if they are denim harem pants), I see how a very body-con style can feel a bit strange for someone who’s not used to it.

But, it made me think: what works for me, and how can I relate that to other people? The biggest part about writing a blog like this is relatibility, and I know I’m not always number one when it comes to that. I want to get better, and I think this is one way that I can really help.

Even I’m still learning about what styles work for me both physically and emotionally because, let’s face it, if you don’t feel hot, you won’t look hot. For some women, that means a pair of wide-leg jeans and a loose feminine blouse; for others, a pair of super skinny jeans and a flowy tunic.

As time has gone on (and as I keep writing for you guys), the most important denim wearing tip I can give you is this: where what YOU love. I’m full of ideas and grand plans (and I’m dead serious when I say that I want a denim line. I have so many amazing ideas bouncing around in my head.), but when boils down to what look works for you, only you can know that. I can give guidance (and have, mostly via email), but you have to trust your gut. For me, the mirror lies; if I feel good in something, I know that I look good in it too (or, at least I really hope).

There’s a lot of stress and hype in the blogging community to live up to… when it comes down to it, I’m never going to be Rumi from Fashion Toast, I won’t have the shoe collection of Jane from Sea of Shoes, and I’m not going to be on the cover of Vogue (at least not anytime soon). But, I am me. And it’s time for me to start believing that I’m pretty fabulous in my own right.

So, this is what’s important: trust your instincts. Where what you love. Be comfortable in your own skin (or take a note from Paige Adams-Geller: “Be comfortable in your genes.”). And, most of all, be you.


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