Freaky Fashion Friday: ZipHolder

by Jaime on October 23, 2009

Okay, here’s the thing with ZipHolder: I suppose, in some ways, it does have a legitimate purpose. I can see that, and I don’t want to fight with anyone who has this thing and loves it (and for those of you who feel that way, enjoy your ZipHolder porn. The photo above blows up in High Resolution to 2816px × 2112px).

But, I’m going to break it down for you. It’s an elastic band… that you put through your zipper… and then wrap around your button.

Here’s the “How To” for the Zipholder:

  1. Pull the ZipHolder through the pull tag on your zipper, as shown on the picture.
  2. When you have fastened the Zipholder to the pull tag, pull the zipper up and place the loop around the button on your fly.
  3. When you have buttoned up the fly the ZipHolder is invisible.
  4. This will prevent your zipper from coming down at any time!

Really, the only thought I have in my mind is, “Why are you wearing jeans/pants/skirts where the zipper DOESN’T STAY UP ON ITS OWN?!?”

I think that’s a legitimate question, but that’s just me.

I can’t find them in the US (they seem to be quite popular in Sweden, which makes me question what it is that the Swedish are going for when it comes to fashion…), and I’m kind of okay with that, even though I would have enjoyed seeing what ridiculous price this was listed for.

But hey, wear it on your Winkers with some Tube Flops, and I bet you’re good to go. Hell, I bet there are some good multi-uses for this product, too.

You could use it as a mini slingshot.

Or an emergency hair tie (ponytail holder, whatever your region calls the thing).

Or even a mini chastity belt.

Go ahead, question that last one… but have you ever tried to take your jeans off when you were drunk? It’s not easy, kids… and some rubber thing over your button would be obscenely hard to remove. Food for thought.

Add to the myriad uses listed. I bet we can justify this purchase. I trust you all.


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subgoci82 June 2, 2011 at 1:14 am

Every-time I see blogs as delightful as this because I should stop bludging and start working on mine ;) 3b*i& hoodia 3<:*i


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