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by Jaime on September 5, 2009

What do you do when you have too many clothes (and too many bills to pay)?

You get rid of them. I’ve tried consignment, but they just jack up the prices way too high most of the time (and if you need to get rid of your own clothes, it’s not really making much of a difference; you’re not making any money at all). And ebay fees are obscene.

So, I figured I’d get my clothes out of my house the old-fashioned way: one-by-one. Head over to DenimDebutante Shop. Scroll around (there will be a lot of jeans coming around soon. Like, a lot lot. Now that I’m far over 100 pairs, C. wants me to get rid of some (which really is understandable, I suppose.) and you can benefit, since every pair will be at least 50% off of retail, if not FAR more.

And, I’m up for negotiations… so long as they’re logical (which really isn’t saying much. I failed Logic in college.).

Go buy my stuff, kids! Help me be able to keep eating.


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