Interesting Denim Accessory: Stiruppz?

by Jaime on September 11, 2009

First of all, I’m struggling to get past the name. Stiruppz? You really had to add the z, and you can’t even spell the word correctly prior to said z addition? Ugh.

Here’s how they describe them:

If you are like most fashion darlings you adore the look of jeans tucked into boots. But let’s face it, it’s a pain to keep them there. Seems like every time you walk, sit, bend or squat, and then stand back up…you’re stuck pushing, sliding and stuffing your jeans back into your boots. Not fun! If you’ve tried rubber bands around your ankles, socks over your jeans, folding or clipping to try to keep your jeans from getting slouchy and bunching, you need STIRUPPZ! Stiruppz are designed to keep your jeans in place so you can keep moving! They are easy to clip on, won’t damage clothing, and so comfy you won’t even know they are there. So no more tugging worries, baggy knees or chunky ankles, let Stiruppz keep your style secure!

How to use:

Stiruppz work best when jeans are cuffed. Simply cuff and fold your jeans to the desired length and clip on your stiruppz. One size fits everyone.

Just buy some real stirrups, jerk-off.

Um… they’re called socks, assholes. Socks. You put them on over your jeans, and they work. Honestly, I know they said that it doesn’t work, but it does. If you have a problem with jean bunching in your boots and you can’t get your jeans to stay in your boots… DON’T WEAR THE STYLE. It’s not hard, so you should theoretically look into some kind of help with boot attachment.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “Look, they’re little suspenders for your feet! How cute!” Let’s come together to chat about this for one moment:

1. They’re $25. For foot suspenders.

2. Not cute. Scary. They’re turning your feet into creepy old dudes. Ones who wear suspenders. Do you want your feet to be creepy old dudes?

3. I don’t really think there are any other ways to use them, so they’re pretty much a $25 waste of money. And it’s not like anyone even sees them (if you’re considering wearing them as a fashion statement, I’d highly suggest you find a different blog to frequent).

So there. Three very good reasons (or, at least very good to me) to not buy these incorrectly named foot suspenders. Though now that I think about it, what kind of awesome douche statement could we make by wearing these with sandals?


Would you buy these?


(Join the “let’s make fun of horrible denim” day (it’s only on Fridays) by checking out the Bikini Jeans and Winkers. Don’t cry. And if you have something hideous you want me to make fun of, email me at [email protected])

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Bailey September 11, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Here's what would happen if I used these:

About half an hour after walking out the door, one or all of those little clips would slide down the denim and fall off, leaving me with an uncomfortable and potentially very painful apparatus under my foot – which, to get off, I would have to yank off my boot and expose them to the world, which I think is hte opposite of the point.

Thumbs down on Stiruppz, especially with that smart-ass "z" on the end.


Mich~ September 11, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Uhm, I would end up wearing a hole in the bottom of my foot when above mentioned FAIL happened. I would probably spend the day trying to wiggle my foot around in my boot and looking like a total moron. All that without anyone knowing I was wearing the stupid things. Yah, not for me.


Birdie! September 11, 2009 at 2:55 pm

I um… I think I'd be afraid of one of those little jobbers slipping off (like Bailey mentioned) and then stepping on the painful little alligator clasp.

haha… Maybe you could use them to… say, keep your midriff top from riding up? Attach one end to your top and the other to your jeans? *snicker*

I think I'll pass on Stirrupz and the stirrup pant trend in general.


Jess October 20, 2009 at 2:39 am

You know, its funny. Sounds like such a silly idea, but they really work! None of the afore mentioned problems happened!


The Fashionable Housewife October 21, 2009 at 4:54 am

LOL You're absolutely delightful!! I love your sense of humor!

But seriously, I can't wait to try these. I just won the Stiruppz Giveaway on and I can't wait to try them!!!!

I'll let you know if they suck. haha


Anonymous November 30, 2009 at 6:01 am

Agreed – we need function AND fashion. Gotta work, but gotta be cute, not some foot apparatus we're embarassed to be seen in when boots are off! Whalah…JeanGrabbers. Same idea, much smaller, simpler, effective, and DARLING! (OH, and did I mention they are less than ten bucks?) Cute designs to choose from, elastic strap is silky soft, the clips have different metallic finishes (including copper… how cool is that?) w/a most adorable little boot embossed on each. I LOVE the tucked in look… but do hate the constant creeping up. I've worn mine almost every day for three weeks now… most importantly, they work! Check them out, see what you think – (Special price for a 3 – stocking stuffers?)


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