Freaky Fashion Friday: Tube Flops

by Jaime on September 18, 2009

As each of these ridiculous and embarrassing items come onto my radar, I can’t help but think, “who is buying these?” I mean, there has to be someone who expressed interest in foot suspenders, jeans that make your butt wink, or jeans that make Mariah Carey look like she covers up.

But socks that mated with flip flops? Really? Why did someone, ANYONE think this would fly?

Here’s a video (and some still photos):

As if it were admirable to wear socks with sandals… this just… it… yeah. I’m speechless.

The good news is, for you guys, the video is chock-full of hot chicks. Bad news? They’re wearing Tube Flops.

I just… well, what do you think (since I can’t form the obviously soon-to-be evil words that would be pouring out of my mouth)? Would you wear these?


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