Denim Boutique Review: The Uncommon Thread

by Jaime on September 17, 2009

I’m pretty stereotypical, I know. But I swear, this story is actually pretty funny, so hear me out.

Two weeks ago (technically, two weeks from Friday, but you don’t actually need to know that. It’s not important in this story.), I had an interview in the Highlands area of Denver. I’ve lived here for a little over nine months now, and I still hadn’t really encountered the place… which is sad, because it’s totally my style. I should start calling it “Little Ann Arbor.”

So, we pull into the area (C. came with because I’m so eh about driving in areas that I don’t know… and he wanted to go look at another motorcycle anyways) and I spot the place I’m supposed to be.

… right before I spot a freaking denim boutique. RIGHT across the street. I think my bank account started crying and that was the real kicker there.

Somehow, despite being early as hell, I managed to not go in there. It was probably my brain’s way of saying “JP, you’re here to get a job, not spend the paltry amount of money you have left in your sad, sad bank account on another pair of jeans.” I’m really not a good listener, so I’m pretty impressed that I managed to avoid it. Well, at least for then.

I got out of the interview (which went great, but I didn’t get the job. Typical “more experience” BS.) and look for C. and/or the car. No dice. I call, and he’s left and gone to a Target. Why, I don’t know… there were some sweet coffee places and homeboy loves his coffee. But, I consider it a gift, honestly. Because I got to wander (tentatively) into The Uncommon Thread.

First of all, here’s a little background, courtesy of the website:

At the Uncommon Thread, we want to create for our customers a unique and rewarding shopping experience. We decided that the best way to realize such an important result for our customers was to systematically determine which elements of a shopping experience we enjoy and which elements we despise! We decided that a great shopping experience is born from three important elements: service, selection, and price.
While researching ideas for how to run a fun and successful denim and tee-shirt store, we spent lots of time shopping elsewhere. If you have ever shopped in the various independent boutiques in the Denver area, you may have felt a little uncomfortable. We found, time and time again, that we were not treated as important or even respectable in many of the shops we stopped into. Everyone selling anything will tell you that good service is an important aspect to a successful business, but we find that many independent retailers take this no further than words. At the Uncommon Thread, we will work tirelessly with you to find an outfit that you love, and that fits you properly. You will never feel pressured or obligated; after all, we are here to build relationships with our friends and neighbors in the community.
Good service is great, but only if there is product to back it up, right? Our buying team at the Uncommon Thread shops very carefully to find denim that will prove popular among different people of varying tastes and body types. Furthermore, we select brands that might be hard to find or unique, so that you always have a reason to stop by and see what’s new. We also focus on local tee-shirt vendors that may be just starting out or may not have the capital to distribute world-wide yet. The coolest ideas are not always just the ones highlighted in department stores! You are sure to find some fun and local tees at the Uncommon Thread.
Finally, what is the point of getting friendly help in choosing an outfit if it is overpriced? At the Uncommon Thread, we frown on the notion that “boutique” should be synonymous with “expensive”. Though we may not deeply discount our denim, it will never be marked up beyond what proves competitive within the industry and fair to our friends. While some brands cost more than others, the same brand shouldn’t cost more based on where you buy it.
We are locally-owned, and we live right here in the Highlands. Our goal, beyond service, selection, and price standards, is to create a fun shopping environment that is never stuffy or uncomfortable. Please stop in and say Hi; we are always excited to meet new friends.

Um… I love jeans. And I love people who know about jeans. Elizabeth, the owner, is fabulous. First of all (and this is so damn impressive, I can’t really fathom it), we were talking jeans… kind of a given, but whatever. The really impressive part was that for every brand she showed me, she handed me the EXACT RIGHT SIZE. She’s the only other person I’ve met in real life who knows my sizing (it’s a mess, to be honest. Hard to gauge.), and she did it so casually that I doubt anyone other than me and my obsessive denim disordered behavior would have noticed.

PLUS, she carries Red Engine. I love the Red Engine line (my favorite pair of denim shorts are made by them.) and she had a great selection, including this amazingly adorable high-waisted skirt that was just darling.

But more than anything, she knew what she was talking about. She just inherently knew. We talked about sizing (she carries up to a size 16/34, which is better than most denim boutiques), brands (you rarely see David Kahn out of Nordstrom’s, so it was a cool change… and she had the Hello! Skinny Jeans that I’ve been intrigued about) and just denim in general. I could have stayed there all day and just pestered the living daylights out of her, so I suppose it’s good, for her sake, that C. came back.

Though not so great, because I was just thinking about caving on that Red Engine skirt. Sorry, Elizabeth.
So, if you’re in or around Highlands, you have to hit this place up. She had a good selection of sale jeans, a great men’s section in addition to the women’s denim, and was about to add 7 for All Mankind to her list (which, to be honest, means jack to me… but the more brands, the merrier!), so she has a lot to offer someone who loves a good pair of long-lasting denim.

Head over to her website to find out the hours and such. Their address is 3455 West 32nd Ave. Go. Fall in love. I dare you.


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