… and Chaos Ensues

by Jaime on September 24, 2009

I need to remember to prep posts at night. Strike that… I need to make myself write posts at night. Part of working this new job means that I’m sitting at a desk, in front of a computer all day and, while I’m fairly used to that (it’s what I did before and what I’d do if I weren’t there), there’s still something relaxing about breaking away from the computer and just… I don’t know. Being with C. and the puppy? Between work and two hours in the car everyday, most of the time I just want to veg out and watch baseball. Or the Rachel Zoe Project (though I won’t be watching that with the boys!).

But, I don’t want to neglect you guys… so preparation must come. I do have a little favor to ask. Tell me: what do you want me to focus my efforts on? Do you like outfit blogs, denim reviews, sample sale information? I want to know where I should really be paying attention.

And, I’ve gotten two new (major!) acquisitions lately: a pair of DL1961 Kates (which came yesterday and will be worn/reviewed next week!) and the pair of Proportion of Blue White Paint Skinnies have arrived from Billion Dollar Babes… they’re fab. I’m wearing them on Friday (it is, after all, Casual Friday) so expect a review coming soon for them as well.

Most importantly, though… I’m still around. And I’m not going anywhere. So don’t worry.


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