Premium Denim Brand Review: Rich & Skinny

by Jaime on August 24, 2009


With a controversial name, a sexy fit (many of their cuts, including the Sleek and Bellissima, are ideal for all figures) and the constant celebrity following, Rich & Skinny denim has made a name in the industry as the go-to brand for something a little different.

Know nothing about the brand? Here’s a little background, courtesy of Groove Effect:

After creating Seven for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, two of the most popular designer denim brands around, Michael Glasser decided it was time for a break. While on hiatus, a trip to a department store left him disillusioned. Glasser determined the “sea of denim” flooding the stores were in desperate need of an intervention. He called Joie Rucker, a denim connoisseur in her own right as former VP of Design for Guess and Levi’s, with a great idea. He convinced her to partner up and create a new denim line destined to “shake up the sea of blue.” 

The pair launched their first collection in 2006 at the Coterie Show under the name Rich & Skinny Jeans. The line was made up of 13 different skinny styles in 15 rich colors. Color is the foundation of Rich & Skinny and as designer Joie explains, “Color is evolving, so even when it “goes out,” people will want new ways to do color whether it’s in style or not.” But don’t think for a minute these designers are trapping themselves in a one dimensional world. Aside from an array of bold colors you will also find the industry standard indigo blue on a variety of styles and fits.
What can you expect from Rich and Skinny Jeans that you can’t get in other brands? A lot of luxury, that’s what. These designers took their creative forces to a level unmatched in the denim industry. These jeans feature silk-lined pockets and waistlines adding not only extra comfort but a notch of magnificence. The intricacies of the hardware are inspired by jewelry from past collections of coveted Cartier designs. By paying close attention to the particulars they’ve added lavish sophistication to the everyday blue jeans.

Wondering about the name? It’s a question they’re accustomed to answering. After countless hours of brainstorming on the perfect name, a frustrated Joie decided to “get real.” She thought, “How does someone want to feel when they pull on their favorite pair of jeans?” To her, the answer was quite simple, “rich and skinny.” As soon as she said it out loud, she knew she had found the perfect name. “We want to make people feel good. We want people to put on a smile when they put on our jeans.”

Rich and Skinny Jeans have accomplished their mission of offering new and innovative ideas to the denim empire by paying close attention to every element. As for the future, they’re pretty tight lipped about what we can expect, but they’ve promised us it will be well worth the wait. So… here’s to being Rich and Skinny!

As for fit, R&S tends to run about a half to a whole size small (this does not go for the Bellissima, which runs true to size) but I’ve found that the slimmer cut isn’t uncomfortable. Why, you ask? Silk-lined pockets and waistband. You know how some jeans you have to pull and tug at to get them to sit where you’d like? These do NOT have that problem whatsoever. I think the silk lining even makes it a bit more comfortable to wear these as a lower rise (and I don’t do low rise… which you’d know by now, if you’ve read my stuff) and it makes taking your jeans off a little more fun.

The weight of the denim is definitely on the lighter end – some of it is around the thickness of the legging-style denim, giving you a sleeker fit while not being uncomfortable and constricting. They’ve also brought a lot of color into their line and some fits that work for everyone. Here are the three best:

3. The Bellissima/Bikini Flare: This style is a bell-bottom wide flare with a cute usually over 24″ at the hem. Because of the lengthening properties of the style, the Bellissima/Bikini Flare is universally flattering. Depending on the pair, you’ll find a low/mid rise and a snug fit that feels comfortable on virtually everyone.

How to Wear: Go for a classic (and classy) look with a fitted, feminine blouse that accentuates your figure and girly side (a little lace looks great with the Bellissima!).


2. Legacy: A tight fit with a cigarette-style leg that’s ideal for shorter girls like me who want a skinny they don’t have to chop up, the Legacy is a legging-style denim that’s fitted, clean and has a low-but-not-so-low rise that can be worn easily by most body types.

How to Wear It: Choose a tunic-style top for a casual look that keeps your style clean and fresh.
1. Sleek: These are my go-to jeans when I want a slim silhouette but still want to feel comfortable too. A true straight, these are the skinny-like jeans for the girl who hasn’t tried skinny jeans yet. They look good on every figure, and because of the fabric, have enough stretch and comfort to last the whole day. These also run true to size for a fitted, legging-like look and size up for a looser, more casual fit.

How to wear it: The Sleek can, literally, be worn with any top. Find your favorite and run with it!
I’ve got about four pairs of Rich & Skinny jeans and I do like them. Most of their styles are slim and better for thinner women (though that’s why I love the Bellissima and Sleek, as they’re more universally wearable), and they don’t run to larger sizes (their basic range seems to be 24-32 and that’s it). That being said, I love their pocket styles, Cartier-inspired hardware (if you have a pair, check out the front button. Too fabulous!) and the comfortable, breathable fabric. This brand would be ideal with a better sizing range and more depth beyond the multitude of colors.

But, I won’t stop wearing my pairs… and, at the right price, these babies are ideal. Just remember to size up, and if you have any questions about the brand, leave a comment here!

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Anonymous April 10, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Hi JP,

I'm new to designer jeans and I could really use our advice! I recently bought a pair of 7 for All Mankind Gwenevere in size 24, would I be the same size for Rich & Skinny Sleek? The ones I am looking at purchasing are 62% cotton and 38% polyester, so it sounds like it would give me lots room to stretch.



JP April 10, 2010 at 7:28 pm


You should be good to go in a 24. I wouldn't size up; the Sleek cut runs fairly true to size, so that will work for you.

Happy Shopping!


Loraine Rinaldo August 6, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I’ve been using this for years and didn’t know some of this stuff!


Regina Subijano March 9, 2012 at 2:23 am

Many thanks for this amazing text.


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