Premium Denim Brand Review: Babakul

by Jaime on August 12, 2009

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I don’t get to test out new brands as often as I’d like, so when Babakul came around, I was really excited. I had heard of the company, but only slightly (I knew that the creative force and founder, Kym Gold, had worked for True Religion, but that was about it). When they sent me a package of samples to try out, I was ecstatic. And, for those of you who are strong True Religion fans, you’ll find a lot of similarities within their realms of style and cut. But, for those of you unfamiliar with either brand, here’s a little background about Kym and Babakul:

Kym is the former co-owner/co-founder of True Religion.

Based in Venice, CA, Kym Gold is a self-made woman with over 25 years experience in the fashion industry. She incepted major brands including Bella Dahl and Hippie Jeans prior to True Religion. After selling her shares at True Religion, she incepted Babakul – a contemporary women’s line consisting of staple fits in classic fabrications. Babakul translates into “hippie” in French, which is a true reflection of Kym’s personal style.

The Babakul collection consists of classic, staple pieces that stand the test of time – 4 pant fits available in denim, a blazer and vest in multiple fabrications. Babakul retails b/w $160.00 and $220.00; sold at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Ron Herman, Lisa Kline, Fred Segal Fun, and will be in stores internationally this August.

Fit-wise, this brand runs eerily similar to the basic True Religion cuts; that is, to say it runs approximately a size large. Pictures below will show me in the Michelle (I apologize for the ridiculous length, I’m too short for my own good) in a 26 and the Sweet Pea boyfriend in a 25. They both are approximately a size too large on me (they also sent me a super cute denim blazer that, sadly, was definitely a size too big. I wore it around the house a bit, but it kind of looked silly, so no pictures. Ditto for the pair of Michelle Flares in a 27.).

The denim is, however, of a lighter weight (it’s a light-medium, and feels like it’s around 8oz.), has a lot more breathability and has quite a bit of stretch (which probably adds to the feeling of it fitting large). The waist on the Michelle is low, as is the Sweet Pea, and these pieces would look really good paired with a frilly, fitted blouse.

As for my take, I’m not dying over them. They’re nice, very comfortable, and I think they make my butt look great. But, they’re just a little too much like True Religion… understandable, considering they both have the same “mother,” but TR has never managed to fit me all that well. I can already see a bunch of my readers wearing this brand, though (I know some of you are huge True Religion fans, and these will be an awesome addition to your denim collection… plus, you already know how they fit you!) and I personally love their detailing. While you usually get really rough items as samples, these were looking pretty great, and I feel like they worked really well.

They have a hardcore hippie feel to them, so the naming is right on the money. I would be interested to try their skinny (since that’s really more my style), but I like what I’ve seen so far, especially for a company so young. And, for your viewing pleasure (and so you can get an idea of how the jeans fit on someone who is clearly not a model!), here are a couple shots of me in the jeans:

The Michelle

The Sweet Pea

Would you try this brand? I think it’s definitely got some mass appeal… let me know!



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