New Hair (and Good News!)

Note the furriness in the second photo. Are you ready to meet the pup? C. and I are dogsitting for C,’s uncle’s friend and I’ve been moving stuff around so that I can cuddle with him more often. Currently, we’re located on the guest bed (which has a mattress pad but no sheets) cuddling up under a Tigers blanket that my little sister made me for Christmas. He’s been freaking amazing so far and has just made me and C. want a puppy that much more.

So, hair is done (I attempted to go blonde and, as you can tell, ended up with a more strawberry look… it’s what always happens, I swear) and there’s an actual reason. Your little JP has an interview tomorrow for a position that she’s totally psyched about (/talking in third person). I don’t want to go into the details just yet because I don’t want to jinx it, but I have a really good feeling about this one. Like, really REALLY good.

Now, what the hell do I wear?


PS: Oh, you wanted to see Milo?

Isn’t he cute?

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