Is Stephenson Denim Done?

by Jaime on August 17, 2009

The brand known for their Mercer Fisherman Jean, a cute, easy-to-wear trouser style, has been put on hold. I had contacted Amy Stephenson, the designer, to look into posting some photos of their new line (the site said the Fall 2010 shots were being done), and I got this in response:

Thanks for your interest, but I’ve moved to Australia and started having babies… My collection is so hand tooled and bespoke that I can’t handle letting someone else take over all of the massive details that go along with designing and presenting the company in the very precise way that I have since our launch. We’re “gone fishing” for a few seasons… but here are some of the last pieces…

So, in the interest of bringing you the best denim shots, I’ve attached these. I’m sad that this line is ending, and I hope Amy can bring it back.


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