How to: Contact your Denim Debutante

by Jaime on August 2, 2009

PR/Brand Note: As of 1/2010, I’ve started collaborating with and advising companies outside of affiliate programs. Feel free to email me for rates. All Media inquiries can be made via that email address as well.

If you need sizing advice tailored specifically for you or just have a question/comment about the site, here are your options:

1. Leave a comment. I’ll either email you back or post another comment (so stay on the site!), depending on your preference.

2. Email me at [email protected]. Some of you have emailed me before, and you know how I respond… usually pretty ridiculously in-depth. I’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours, barring anything crazy.

Also, if you have any requests for posts (whether it’s a specific DIY, a certain denim brand, etc), feel free to email me. I’m open to suggestions and new ideas, as well as fun thoughts for guest posts.

All posts are my opinion and my opinion only. I will inform you if I was given a product for review or if a post is sponsored, but this will not change my personal opinion whatsoever. You may have different experiences with items… in fact, I hope you do! Every figure is different.

Don’t EVER buy a pair of jeans (especially if they’re final sale) without knowing your size again. Make sure to check out all of my denim reviews!


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