Fashion & Finance: Pretty & Poor's Price Per Wear Calculator

by Jaime on August 2, 2009

Have you ever wondered if that purse was worth the price tag? Or those jeans were worth maxing out your credit card?

Wonder no more! The lovely Emily over at Pretty & Poor has set up an area where you can decipher what the price per wear of every item you want to buy (and maybe those items you did buy already…) can be. Factoring in the cost and wears, Em’s little calculator does an easy division problem to give you the number.

Price-Per-Wear Calculator

Looking for a way to validate your frivolous tendencies? Introducing my new, patented Price-Per-Wear™ Calculator! Sure, buying that latest pair of $100 shoes may seem like a frivolous decision on face value, but when you consider that you’re probably going to wear them at least 100 times, you’re really only spending $1 per use. Totally justifiable, right? Find out how much your bad habits are really costing you.

Plus, it told me that no matter what, the deal I got on my 18th Amendment jeans is going to end up being worthwhile. I love it when technology tells me what I want to hear!

Go check it out, and tell Emily I said hi!


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