Ellen Allien Winter 2009 Fashion

by Jaime on August 19, 2009

And because sometimes a couple photos (albeit gorgeous ones) aren’t always enough, here’s the description from musician/designer Ellen Allien and the specific inspirations that came through in the line:

Neon lights become mirrored upon rainy streets, creating colored reflections in snow crystals. The grey of winter alights the streets of Berlin once again – I catch that vibe and express it on the jersey line City Lights. The line consists of dresses and shirts for both women and men, rarefied by hand printed accents of neon brushes. The nomadic world I live in inspired me to think of us all as city Indians.

The urban idea behind the above-mentioned collection is expanded upon in the denim line 24 Hour Jeans. We not only live in 24 hour rhythms, we are globally separated into perpendicular planes. When I look around, I see the world in its duality, as I try to have it all present at once in my mind. With Ellen Allien fashion it becomes to express my world view with clothing. The linear nature of things is of no interest to me, and I instead try to find meaning in the deviation from the ‘straight line’. The jeans line uses vintage denim to create something new out of the old. I reverse the planes and I rearrange things in a new order. With individual items such as dresses, jackets, bustiers, shorts, pants, jumpers and bags, I want to shape women’s perspectives. I think we really need to see the world as more playful, more connected, but nevertheless extending into new horizons.

While I’m not totally sure about the wearability of the 24 Hour Jeans line, I do find it absolutely inspirational and really intriguing. When designers do something different, we should take notice.

What are your thoughts?


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