Denim on the Runway: Resort 2010 (Part One)

by Jaime on August 7, 2009

Chris Benz: I’m pretty sure this is the most wearable of all the options for Resort 2010, and I’d snatch up every last ounce of fabric. The yellow of the jacket and scarf are impeccable (and would work surprisingly well for us paler girls), the fit of the jacket is so amazing it’s practically obscene, and the pants? Well, they’re not for everyone, but I love them very much.

Christopher Kane: The shirt is fresh, the shoes are fierce (and I’m pretty sure I’d die attempting to walk in them), but the jeans? They look like a pair of vintage Levi’s. Great look, if that’s what you’re aiming for, but not precisely runway-worthy. And this is all over the place, from Helmut Lang to Marc by Marc Jacobs and many in between. I don’t get it, personally.

Alexander McQueen: Oh McQueen. You sure can tailor an amazingly well-fitted jumper, but I just can’t get the whole overalls and construction worker out of my head. Probably because I wore an all-denim jumpsuit one year to be just that. The bag, on the other hand… swoon.
Marc by Marc Jacobs: This is the best colored denim look I’ve seen in a while; no wonder it came from Marc. The whole outfit itself is a bit too matchy-matchy for me, but I would take the jeans (and okay, the shoes) anyday.

Alexander Wang: I would probably kill someone for these shoes. The trench is so clean and… don’t get me started on the shorts. Love love love.

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