Denim Done Wrong: the "Bikini Jeans"

by Jaime on August 28, 2009

Few things make me want to cry as much as these hideous pieces of hell. Seriously. The Winkers were bad but these?

These are so many kinds of wrong. I remember seeing them a couple of months ago in a video (youtube has some of the worst stuff ever on there, I swear) that I can’t find now. Be grateful.

Also, why is the “bikini” part mottled? Why would they do that? It looks like… well, honestly, it looks like crotch stubble. Sorry, but that’s all I can think of. Someone else has to have felt that way too.

The only way I can see these worn would be with some cheap Lucite hooker heels and a cropped tube top. You know… like a hooker. Or Shauna Sand. Because normal people should know better.

I can’t believe I’m even posing this question, but… would you wear these? And what with?


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