Denim Deal of the Day: Men's Edition

by Jaime on August 18, 2009

Boys, I know you’ve been feeling a little neglected. So, here’s a DDD just for you.


Lucky Brand 181 Jeans in Ol Crockette

Retail: $150 (Did they raise the prices on men’s denim at Lucky?)
Price: $39.99
Discount: 73%

Some men won’t make the leap into premium denim, whether they consider it a waste of money, frivolous or too feminine. But Lucky, especially at a discount like this, is a great in-between brand to get him to try others. They’re softer, better quality (note: last longer) and, at a price like this, end up being almost the same price as a pair of Levi’s at full price (actually, if you check the Levi’s site, the Lucky Jeans are cheaper).

Lucky Jeans were what got C. into denim. They’re not amazing but, especially if you’re a dirty guy, you won’t feel so guilty effing them up (because if he trashes his Stitch’s, he’s in trouble) and doing “Man Stuff” in them.



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