Want Some Bad Denim Advice?

by Jaime on July 15, 2009

Watch this video made by the folks at DJPremium.com. While I have nothing against their products/site (I actually like a lot of their stuff), this was a terrible idea.

First, let’s note the fact that they put the girl in a pair of the obviously low cut Frankie B. jeans. Not a problem… until you see her ass crack, and then they tell you that curvier girls shouldn’t wear low cut jeans. Thanks for the contradiction, guys.

Second, they only show one style. One. And the idea of not wearing flap pockets is kind of stupid… you can be curvy and not have a big butt, or maybe, just maybe, you like your butt. Ugh.

Third (and I promise, final… the thing’s only 1:02, after all!)? Dark washes look good on EVERYONE, not just curvier girls. Duh.

Either way, watch this and laugh. Find anything else stupid and contradictory? Let me know.


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