Martin + Osa's Denim Fit Guide

by Jaime on July 30, 2009

< Those of you who know me know that I’m not a huge fan of chain store denim. A lot of it seems so… carbon copied.

But Martin + Osa is absolutely doing something totally different, and I’ve got to admit, I’m intrigued.

First off, they go up to a size 34 in Women’s denim. I’m so extremely excited about this because there just aren’t enough designers with a broad range of sizing (though it is kind of crappy that they only go down to a 25… sorry, tiny girls!).

And word on the street is that they run about a half size large, so there’s your sizing advice for the brand.


But what really amazes me? The time that they put into their denim section. They have a fit guide for all their different cuts. They list sizes, knee breaks, how they’ll sit on your waist. They have a small Denim Terms (which is totally a useful Denim Dictionary… and makes me feel like I should get my butt in gear and make a full one). Don’t know what the pitch is on your jeans? Don’t even know what that means? Martin + Osa will tell you, along with descriptions for Selvedge, Whiskering and more.

What do I love best? The fact that they have 41 washes. Forty-one! That’s better than most high-end denim brands (I know it surpasses the brands that I rave over, like James Jeans!), and it looks like the washes are vibrant, interesting and different, too.

Are they a little costly? Sure. They do have good sales though (some of the Slim, Boot and Straight cuts are marked down to $30 on their site).

And I haven’t tried the brand yet, so I can’t give you a full review on how they fit/feel in my book. But I do expect great things… I think that they’ve got something there.


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