If I Made Jeans (Part Two: Girl, Your Ass Looks Good in Those Jeans)

by Jaime on July 9, 2009

Wow… let’s go ahead with a very embarrassing title. Why not.

And on with it: last “IIMJ” post, I went into a baby tirade about the importance of inseam differences… and how frequently designers forget about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a great pair of Hudson jeans, but I do not have Gisele’s legs… so they’re expensive to get hemmed. Different inseams = problem solved.

Step Two: All About Ass

I know I’m making this sound crass, but it’s to get a point across, so bear with me. I’m going to use some photo-referencing to try to help show you why one back pocket design works and one doesn’t.

Photo One:


This is a back shot of the Rock & Republic Studded Jagger Jeans… and while they’re flashy, they don’t actually do anything for the model’s butt. They just make it… sparkly. It’s the wrong kind of attention.

Photo Two:

While I’m not going to knock the actual pockets of these jeans (because they actually have that nice, flattering simplicity that I truly enjoy), the wings make it look… well, strange. When it gets to the point that you’re trying to showcase your brand rather than the behind of your customer, you’re doing something wrong.

Photo Three:

Those of you who know me personally know about my extreme love for James Jeans, and there’s one main reason why: simple, flattering back pocket detailing. Yes, they have flashier pairs (like the Black Mirror ones I own), but the main premise of the jean is to flatter the derriere, not deform it. And really, that’s one of the things that all denim brands should do.

So, how would I design a pair of back pockets? With wide-framed, mirrored Js on them. Can’t visualize it yourself? Here, I made a sketch for you:

Yes, I know I royally suck at drawing (especially when I have to do it with Sharpies so it shows up on my damn camera), but you get the picture. Something that both shows the brand (ie: me… how egocentric does that sound?) but still flatters. Plus, if you really want crystals on your ass, it can still be done.

Part Three in this series? Fabric. Get ready to feel yourself up, denim-style.


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