If I Made Jeans (Part Four: Distress to Impress)

by Jaime on July 16, 2009

Simple, basic distressing = sexy.

Hell, sometimes not so simple, not so basic distressing is extremely hot as well. But, keeping a certain line of the distressing is important, and something that I felt needed to be addressed here.

Part Four: Distress to Impress

I’m not expecting you to dress up your distressed denim. Hell, that’s going to be rule number one:

Rule One: Don’t Distress Dressy Denim.

Have you seen a trouser cut with distressing (please don’t say yes, please don’t say yes)? How about a dark, sultry, slightly shimmery denim with tears in it? No? Oh, thank god. In a world of fashion where destroying your jeans is the latest fashion, combining the dressy darlings of the world with the dangerously distressed is a bad, bad idea.

Rule Two: A Torn Knee is NOT A Fashion Statement

This time, I’m going after my favorite brand, J Brand. I hate, hate, hate the Wounded Knee style. Don’t know which one I’m talking about?

Yeah. Really, it looks like someone biffed it on the ground and kept wearing their jeans. Because they cost $200. And, in that respect, I don’t blame anyone… if I tore my J Brands, you better be damn sure I’d keep wearing those babies as long as I could. But I’m not going to buy them that way. Sheesh.

Rule Three: Contain the Distress

If you can’t keep the distressed denim from going haywire on a pair of jeans that cost upwards of $200 (I’m looking at you, True Religion), someone did a shitty job in the design process. Stitch it up, for christ’s sake, it’s really not that hard. I’m not saying make it super noticeable (like a certain pair of PD&Cs I know of), nor am I saying that I know the best way to do it. All I am saying, however, is that if I made jeans, the distressing would hold up and not destroy the integrity of the denim themselves.

Those are, honestly, the four main points that I felt really needed to be addressed. Anything you think I should touch on? Leave a comment below or email me at [email protected], and I’ll address it!


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