I Hate Packing

by Jaime on July 7, 2009

There’s something so nerve wracking about having to pack for a trip… mostly because I’m kind of a flake. I have this perpetual tendency to pack way too much of one thing (namely, denim) and not enough of a bunch of other things (including, but not limited to, shoes).

And, I always forget my toothbrush.

So, how do I make this easier on myself? Answer: I don’t. I usually just wait until the last minute (which would be tomorrow), cross my fingers and hope for the best. Now, if only crossing my fingers actually packed the bags for me…

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I’m going out to Seattle starting tomorrow to see some wonderful friends of mine, and here’s what I know I need to bring:

My J Brand Deal Skinny in Sea (for the LOLCats Mariners game on Thursday)
Some sweaters/sweatshirts (it is, after all, Seattle)
My iPod (I swear, this is the one thing I ALWAYS forget. Then I mope.)
At least two books (because I’ve got an extended layover in Vegas)
Shoes (flats, high heels and sandals)
Makeup (duh.)
Basics (like deodorant, toothbrush, razor, lotion, phone charger…. and one of these things is not like the other.)

Et cetera, et cetera, blah blah blah.

Pretty much, I’m writing this so that I don’t personally forget about something important, like my birth control (crap!) or something of that nature.

So, answer me this:

When you’re traveling, what do you tend to forget? Or, if you don’t forget things, how do you remember them all?

Believe me, I can use all the help I can get.


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