Home Alone, Day Two

by Jaime on July 18, 2009

Let’s be honest, there’s something both liberating and frustrating at sitting at home without any genuine plans. I keep trying to get up and do something, and when I finally come up with an idea I remember that I’m:

a. Broke or
b. Have only a car that doesn’t go in reverse to get me there.

Point b is also compounded by the fact that I don’t technically have a driver’s license. Yeah, it’s great, I know.

So, I end up spending a lot of time being really melancholy, which really, really doesn’t help me get stuff done. I should be at least pretending to be productive, shouldn’t I? Instead, I’m watching cheesy movies I’ve already seen before (today’s weapon of choice was The Devil Wears Prada… which I didn’t even like the first time, or the second time, but I like drooling over the clothes), spending some brief periods of time outside reading (current book is Isaac Asimov’s Short Story Collection, Vol. 1) and just generally moping around.

And, I keep saying that I’ll do stuff tomorrow… which, by this point, is technically today.

What am I doing now, you ask? Probably not much. It’s amazing what a little lack of motivation can keep you from doing.


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