Guest Blog: Instant Denim Fixes

by Jaime on July 24, 2009

The amazing Laura from Lollie Shopping has graciously accepted my request to write a review about denim-based products that I’ve never even heard of before… and I think she’s done a great job! Love what you see? Go check out her site and follow her on twitter! – JP

Women search high and low for it… the perfect pair of jeans. Every woman desires a pair of jeans that fits perfectly around the waist, makes the tush look perky, and with a just-right length. The perfect pair of jeans is as elusive as a unicorn, but with the right tools any woman can turn her not-so-perfect jeans into the perfect pair in an instant.

Instant Button for Jeans

Invented by Dana Hahn Contey, Instant Button for Jeans is a removable denim accessory that acts as a temporary jean button allowing you to reduce the size of the waist buy one and a half sizes. If you have jeans that fit great around the hips and rear end, but are too big at the waist (leaving you with a back gap), then Instant Button for Jeans is the denim fix for you.

Instant Button for Jeans is sold at retailers in California, Colorado, Missouri and Washington, or you can purchase directly from the Instant Button for Jeans website. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Hem Tape for Denim

Go from heels to flats in an instant, without permanently altering your jeans. Hem Tape for Denim is the perfect fix for changing the length of your jeans. It leaves no sticky residue behind and best of all, it saves you money. You don’t need to purchase one pair of jeans for your flats and another pair of jeans for your heels. With Hem Tape for Denim, you can stick to your current collection of denim and know that you have what you need for every pair of shoes you own.

CLICK HERE to purchase Hem Tape for Denim.

It’s an imperfect world, but use Instant Button for Jeans and Hem Tape for Denim and you can finally obtain the perfect pair of jeans.

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