Denim Rules to Live By

by Jaime on July 19, 2009

These days, denim has become a staple in people’s wardrobes, and it’s certainly not just for the blue-collar workers of the past. That being said, we should probably set some “ground rules” for wearing, living with and loving denim… you know, just so everyone’s happier.

1. Double Denim will ALWAYS be a sin.

This is pretty explanatory… just don’t do it.

2. Fit is most important.

If low rises look bad on you, but you really love that pair of Frankie B. Heart of Steel jean seen on Megan Fox (oh wait, that’s me…), just say no. They might look great on her backside (see below) but on yours, they just won’t pan out. Know what works for your body and stick with it.

3. Buy what you love, not what’s trendy.

Tie-dye is in… but how long would you wear it? You’ve been staring at that pair of light acid-washed jeans for about a week now, but do they fit with the rest of your clothes? Just because it’s in fashion, doesn’t mean it’ll work with your style.

4. Quality over Quantity.

Of course, you can run to Express (or any similar place) and grab a pair of jeans for $20 on sale. Or, you could wait it out, find the really great denim sales (like any of my Denim Deal of the Day posts) and get a pair that might cost a little more, but will definitely last much, much longer.

5. Wait for sales.

Unless you live in LA and are working as a stylist, there’s nothing wrong with last season’s denim. Most styles/cuts run exactly the same, only with different washes and slight detail changes. Will you notice? Possibly… if you’re a denim fanatic like myself. But nobody else will… and this will afford you the luxury of buying a pair of amazing jeans and not having to pay a hefty price tag.

Can you think of any others that would have to be added to the list?


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