Denim of Virtue on ideeli

by Jaime on July 30, 2009

Yep, it was on The Top Secret earlier this week.

Now, it’s on ideeli. Prices (with the discount code, of course) ended up being $60-75, so we’ll see if ideeli can compete!

And, as you can probably tell (if you read my blog regularly), ideeli is stepping up their denim game. I swear, they never used to get good denim brands, then boom! all of a sudden, they’re rocking out. I’m enjoying this quite thoroughly.

So, keep an eye out for today’s sales (including Cynthia Menolascino’s Cino line). Get in by using the link here!


PS: Thomas Wylde will be on Hautelook today, and there will (most likely) be some denim on there. Also, today’s the last day to check out Billion Dollar Babes’ Whitley Kros sale, which has a few cute pairs too!

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