Denim Deal of the Day

by Jaime on July 23, 2009

Now that A. has gotten hers, you’re allowed to know about the deal too! (Okay, it’s not like I was sworn to secrecy or anything, but that’s what friends are for, right?)

Nudie Jeans are one of the main staples in the raw denim world, and the High Kai cut is one of the more popular of the choices.

(Once again, let’s extend a big thank you to Revolve Clothing for having a kick ass site that makes it so easy for me to get photos on my site when every other site won’t let me!)

Nudie Jeans High Kai in Rinsed

Retail: $198.00
Price: $69.00
Discount: 65%

Since it’s pretty much impossible to find Nudie Jeans under $100 in the States, this is a stellar deal. Snag it if they’re in your size!

Barney’s New York has done you well, darling.


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