Denim Brand Review: Kasil

by Jaime on July 18, 2009

You know that old phrase about the devil and details? Let’s just say… it fits here. In a really, really good way.

I kind of stumbled across my pairs of Kasil Jeans. Not to say I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but more that they were just really out of my everyday spending price range, especially with all the hemming that needs to be done (as virtually all pairs of Kasil jeans run a cool 35″ inseam). But, I admire what David Lim does with denim, so I took a chance when they came up on Billion Dollar Babes.

Okay, I didn’t take much of a chance. The jeans were marked down to under $40 each (which, if you know Kasil, you know is insane), and I had $75 in credit. What’s a Denim Debutante to do? Yeah… I snagged two.

Like with the rest of my denim reviews, I try to wait until I’ve spent a day swaddled in them, getting a feel for what they’re like, how they fit and whether or not they go all stretch-tastic on me by the end of the day. I apologize for the lack of photos, as C.’s out of town visiting family in Michigan, but once they get hemmed, you just might see them in an Outfit of the Day post.

And, also like the rest of my denim reviews, here’s your obligatory background information, courtesy of Kasil’s website,

Kasil jeans were born from the unique synthesis of an appreciation for refined, modern style with the traditions of a family business. After receiving a degree in Fine Arts painting and sculpture, designer David Lim returned to Los Angeles to work as a costumer on Hollywood film sets. There he experimented with fashion trends and techniques, and developed his tailoring skills. Recognizing his natural disposition towards design, Lim’s father invited his son to join the family business; a custom boutique for an elite clientele that the family has owned and operated since 1968.

Lim began working with the celebrities, film executives and professional athletes who were his father’s customers, creating impeccably tailored and unique designs they couldn’t find anywhere else. While producing these exclusive and high-end looks, Lim was inspired to design a pair of pants for himself. His clients were very impressed with his “dressed up” denim and Lim quickly began filling orders, soon after introducing women’s styles. In 2002, Lim founded the Kasil brand as designer and CEO with only four staff members; today Kasil employs eighteen men and women in their Los Angeles headquarters and supports the local community with all manufacturing and production done exclusively in southern California.

There is a certain art to the Kasil washes, and the Atlantic, in my opinion, is the Picasso of the washes they carry. Hell, I can actually cut a couple of inches off and still wear them. Plus, the weight of the denim is right smack dab in the middle, and while I wouldn’t wear them in the midst of a hot winter, they are virtually year-round.

I will say that I hate the fact that they’re all 35″ inseams. Unless you’ve got a supermodel’s inseam (in which case, good for you, I’m jealous), you’re going to have to hem these babies. Now, that’s not that terrible, because I’ve found that their wash breaks (whiskering, fading, etc) can tolerate a hemming around 3″, but more than that, it might look a little bit silly. Strike that, it will look silly. Unless they come up with shorter inseams, you’re kind of SOL. I’m sorry.

(Style: Benatar in Isabella Fog)

Their fit is slightly snug, approximately a half size small. If you’re running between sizes like me, size up, otherwise you should be good in your standard size. They are a lower cut style pretty much across the board (the Benatar looks like it might be a little bit higher, but that might put it at around 7.5-8″), but not Frankie B. low… theoretically, it’s a happy medium between my basic midrise (which I personally prefer) and a super low (which, technically, C. prefers), and I know it looks good.

Maybe that’s the big selling point on these jeans; I feel like I look good in them. And, I feel like I got a good deal (you know, like the one posted on the DDD previously…) so I don’t have the “I just spent another $200 on a single pair of jeans” remorse. Would I spend upwards of $75 on them? Probably not, only because they need so much hemming. Were they hemming-free, I’d consider it.

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Eileen January 30, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Yeah Jaime, what's up with the inseams…why do they all go so Mikayla Miles on everything fashion? NOT FAIR! I, like SO many others didnt fare well on the vertical "genes".


April C March 8, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Thanks for the review! :D i always come to your site first before buying jeans :)


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