Cook and Enjoy: Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin

by Jaime on July 29, 2009

Yes, I know this is a denim blog.

Yes, I know that I’m about to write about food. No, I don’t care. It’s dinner time, kids!

This is the one dish that got C. to really love Pork Tenderloin. While I don’t eat meat, it smells like a goddess covered in honey and puppies. It’s my favorite thing to cook, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of C.’s favorite things to eat.

Note: This recipe was made to fit the criteria of the South Beach Diet. C.’s uncle, whom we live with, is on South Beach, and he likes pork. I’ll try to give you guys some hints on how I usually make this for you to try it yourself in its full glory.

What You Need

Pork Tenderloin (duh)
Herbs (my preferences, as you can see, are Rosemary, Thyme and Coriander)
A Stove Top & Pan
A Grill
(PS: if you want to make it non-South Beach, or at least non-Phase One of South Beach, putting some honey on the tenderloin gives it a nice crust and a hint of sweetness.)

Saute the herbs in a pan on the stove just enough to get them brown and bring out the flavors. If you’ve got an herb, like Coriander, that’s not crushed up… well, get to crushing.

Spread it on the meat as evenly as possible (prior to the herb spreading is when you’d add the honey, if you so desired), and stick it on the grill.

Keep an eye on it, this should really only take about 20 minutes. When the first side looks like this:

it’s time to flip. Keep it on the grill until it’s got some nice marks on it and virtually all of the pink has disappeared from the outer meat. It tends to go over best when it’s medium rare (which, supposedly, is an internal temperature of 140°, but I don’t have a meat thermometer and I totally just looked that up). You absolutely can cook this in the oven (as I usually do, when it’s not really “grilling” weather): usually about 425° for 15-25 minutes.

How does it end up? Voila!

My favorite way to plate it is with pureed potatoes. Lay those on the base of the plate, slice the pork thinly and lay it on top. If you like making reductions, this pork goes really well with a red wine/honey/citrus one (it’s also good to use a little bit of the herbs you used as a crust, and some pork fat to keep the consistency solid).

So…. are you hungry yet? :)


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