A Letter of Thank You from Your Denim Debutante

by Jaime on July 31, 2009

I’m having a super, super late moment of sappiness, but I just wanted to say this:

Thank you for reading my blog. For reading my thoughts, for trusting my opinions and arguing with me when you don’t agree with them… but still understanding that they come from me without any spite or reason for judgment.

I never really went over this before with you guys, but there are some definite criteria that I have before reviewing a denim brand.

1. I have to have owned at least one piece of this brand’s line (or have worn the samples for more than one day). Whether or not I like it is to be judged by this.

2. I am not and have never been paid for a review. If that were the case, I’m pretty sure that Black Orchid would’ve paid me to say something less… unkind about their brand.

3. I truly love denim, and part of me really wants to, one day, have my own line. I don’t expect this to happen in the near future (since the only money I’m bringing in is from you guys, clicking on links on my blog, with which I’m averaging about 10 cents a day… and whatever gifts of kindness you leave me in my paypal account, which is super awesome, generous and I think you’re the shit for doing it). For now, I just want to learn all I can about denim, from weight to blends, washes to designs. And I’m so happy doing that and sharing my information with you.

4. I LOVE writing. Love it. And writing with an audience that actually cares about what I’m saying? I’m pretty sure I’m in heaven… at least, that’s what my Alexa ranking is telling me. Some of you followed me over from my past life, and that’s pretty effing awesome in its own right. I’m glad I kept you interested (and I really think you should get on it and enter my giveaway, silly!) and have been able to keep you amused over these past two months.

5. Yesterday, I hit my 200th post. In less than two months! I’m absolutely amazed by you guys (and by the fact that I’ve had enough to say to fill up more than a couple sentences) sticking around. And each new person who comes every day… you rock.

Okay. I’ll stop being sappy for now. But really… thank you.


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