Sleep is for the Weak

by Jaime on June 10, 2009

I’ve been dozing about… oh, 8 hours a night for the past few days. And those of you who don’t know me (and no, M., college doesn’t count) probably find that pretty normal.

I’m usually about a four hour a night girl. Not by choice (certainly not by choice) but by habit. I work too much, for too long and it keeps me all wound up.

So, in essence, this blog isn’t really so much about sleep as it is about the fact that working at home is a major bummer sometimes (I blame Mark Paul Gosselaar for re-introducing that word into my vocabulary) because there’s no “off” switch. If C.’s gone, I’ll just keep working through the night. I don’t want to… I don’t like to… but I get preoccupied with the idea that if I don’t, I’ll be letting someone down.


What should I really do? Probably take up running. I’m in dreadful shape (the “skinny fat” figure where I don’t look bad, but if you asked me to run, I’d look like a dying cow.) but more than that, I need to get something started to help me escape my own thoughts.

Used to be “extra-curricular activities” (that shall not be named). But, that’s one of the biggest downsides of growing up and not being… well, not being 16 anymore. You’ve got to make decisions.

So, someone teach me how to distance myself from work.

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