Phase Two: The Morning After

by Jaime on June 12, 2009

You thought things couldn’t get sweeter.

That is, until you met that new pair. That’s right. You’re thinking about straying, aren’t you? Those jeans you said were perfect, too wonderful for you… now, you’ve found someone else.

Okay, something else. I mean, they are just jeans… no need to get too serious here.

Phase Two: The Morning After. Have you ever woken up next to some guy (or girl, if you are same-sex oriented… or a dude) and realized you had WAY too many drinks the night before? I’m not saying I have (hey, some things are just better left unsaid!), but… you know what I’m talking about. That glow of romance (or alcohol) has passed and now you’re just naked, shamed… and grappling for that perfect pair of jeans.

But they’re starting to remind you of the guy… and not just because he got in them. To be honest, you’ve worn them so much that first month that they’ve stretched, and not all stretching is a good thing. They’re kind of ill-fitting and just don’t feel right. So, you get home (and text all your girlfriends in that cab ride back) and toss them in the laundry hamper. You wash them, hang them to dry (don’t worry, I’ll go over what you need to do to take care of them at some point in the future), and throw them into your closet.

And, just like that guy… you don’t call them back for a while. Or is it that you don’t pick them up? Either way, you’re over it, and you’re on the hunt for your next new pair of saucy goodness.

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