Pair Review: AG Legend Flare

by Jaime on June 11, 2009

This is my third pair of AGs, but the only ones I haven’t written about on any site, work or otherwise.

Style: AG Legend Flare
Wash: Dark Indigo
Retail: $128
Price: Free, technically (they were a gift), but on SmartBargains for $40.
Discount: 68% (give or take)

They are, like pretty much every single pair of AGs, extremely soft. But there’s something so soft and amazing about a pair of jeans that were given as a gift.

These run… well, they kind of run a half size large. All AGs do. I’ve got another pair of Legends in 25 and the Dakota in 26… the 25s fit but are a bit snug for my taste, while the Dakotas are ridiculous; way too big, way too loose (great ‘girl week’ pants though) and they just look messy.

Not to say I don’t wear them. I do. They’re lovely. But there are other things (like the AGs above!) that look far, far better.

So, thinking about investing in AGs? Scope out the sites (and many little birds have told me about the wonders of the AG Stilts for shorter girls. Prices are higher because they don’t go on sale as often, but they’re worth the cost!), and be willing to invest. They’ve been spotted on all the major Sample Sale sites. Still, I recommend finding the right size for you in a store (most Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc carry them) and then going shopping.

Otherwise, find a place with a really good return policy. :)

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