One Book Closes

by Jaime on June 18, 2009

and another always opens. Sometimes when big things change, it’s best to look at it that way.

I’ve decided to leave the company I had been working for. While I wish them all good that I possibly can, the direction of the site and my personal passions were not one in the same and it was decided that it would be better to part ways.

So, let’s look at the over/under:

Less money for denim (yeah, that sucks)
More time to write about my own personal jeans (that’s pretty sweet)
The ability to write whatever I want, whenever I want…

and the ability to truly be me. The whole crass, inappropriate, slightly disgusting me (oh my god, that sounds dreadful. Please don’t stop reading because of that! I promise, I’ll keep it low-key.)

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