Need a Little Cheering Up?

by Jaime on June 25, 2009

I’m not going to dwell on the sad, sad deaths that have happened this week. They’ve sucked… there’s not really much else that can be said about it. Instead, I’m going to get childish on you, and tell you about funny/enjoyable/happy/lighthearted shit.

So, here’s a list of stuff that, for one reason or another, makes me genuinely happy:

Any offensively funny site (this includes, but isn’t limited to,,,,… and probably a lot more)

My adorably ridiculous boyfriend (who is both adorable and ridiculous… case and point below)

…who is now probably going to kill me for putting that picture up. But he’s too cute. And he has a fan growing out of the back of his head. Always a plus.

Tweeting super ridiculous shit on twitter (and if you want to follow me, it’s @denimdebutante), which I do way more often than I should.

My super kick ass friends. ‘Nuff said.

The fact that I’m going to visit at least two of my super kick ass friends in July… and going to Seattle for the first time ever!

Baseball, specifically the Detroit Tigers… when they win. (and baseball combined with LOLCats… thanks, Mariners! I might dislike your team, but I’m pro-ICHC.)

A pair of jeans that fits perfectly (come on, it had to be in here somewhere!)

What are your favorite things to cheer you up?


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