My Current Lustworthy Jeans: Hysteric Glamour

by Jaime on June 18, 2009

Ugh, seriously. These jeans are so many kinds of unfair, solely for the fact that I don’t own them.

These, my darling readers, are the Deep Indigo Side Zip Denim.

So, they’re kind of basic, kind of punk rock, kind of sexy (and, as you can tell, the second picture isn’t the same wash. They didn’t have a close-up of the studs on this one, and I really needed to show you guys how wonderful they are).

How am I NOT supposed to love them??!?!

I found the one way: $451.

So, we have a conundrum. I have no money, and they cost a buttload. They’re also gorgeous, and I must own them.

This sounds like a case of the DIY bandits… we’ll see what I can come up with in an upcoming blog.


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