Model Behavior

by Jaime on June 18, 2009

Models should be seen and not heard.

I know that this seems a bit… well, a bit unkind, but I assure you, I don’t mean it in a slanderous way toward anyone. Some models, when they’ve garnered the respect and attention of a nation like Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks (okay, so she’s lacking a little on the respect end, but you know what I mean), they can be personalities. But, the object of modeling is to sell the clothes/merchandise you’re contractually obligated to sell.

This is why I was a dreadful model. I am, as you can assume, a talker. I talk talk talk until there’s nothing left to talk about, and then I’ll find something else to talk about. A good model makes it about the clothes, never about herself. Hell, the best runway models? You barely notice them (except maybe to point out how ridiculously skinny they are). You notice the clothing.

I’m not supporting the anorexic look that’s fashionable in modeling today. I think models of all shapes and sizes can follow these rules:

1. Unless you’re hired to be “you” and add your personality to your shoot/walk/etc, just model, for christ’s sake.
2. Simplicity is the key to success.
3. Let the clothes wear you (I know this is the EXACT opposite to what I had said about other people. Models are not other people.)
4. Who you are off the job is your business. You’re getting paid to be attractive/have the right figure. Not to be charming and witty.

I guess a lot of these things can be brought back to the standard “You are NOT your job” mantra. And I’m okay with that.

But if I’m noticing you over the clothes, you fail.

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