I Think Google Hates Me

by Jaime on June 25, 2009

… or, at the very least, has it out for me.

I keep waking up (and yes, this has been day three of waking up… that came out wrong) and being unable to access my own Gmail. There’s got to be a reason for this, so let’s bring out the conspiracy theorists, shall we?

I’m not interesting enough to hack… and you’re not going to be getting any good information out of my email. The only one who really needs it is… well, is me. So, let’s just assume that Google hates me. I can’t posit a reason why. I use your Adsense, Google. I bought my domain through you. I even use your search engine DAILY. This hatred has got to stop.

Or, I have to just change my password. So, today is day one of new password world. Let’s watch as JP forgets it, is locked out of her blog forever… and then cries desperately when there’s a new pair of jeans she wants to review.

And maybe then I’ll stop talking in third person.


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