How NOT to Store Your Denim (Part Two)

by Jaime on June 27, 2009

This is kind of a how to rather than a how not to, but hey… got to keep with the title trends.

So, I showed you a picture of how my lazy butt was storing denim after I got kicked out of the bonus closet (and don’t weep for me, I’ll be fine). But, what about putting them away? I know what you’re thinking… and yes. I bucked up and bought some more of these brilliant bins you can see below. I’ve got more than I probably should admit, and I adore them. They fit under the bed perfectly, and they store my jeans well.

How did I keep mine safe? I can fit approximately fourteen (more or less, depending on the weight of the denim itself) in a single bin, rolled up neatly.

This is what it looks like:

I do have to say, this is my favorite way of storing denim. Separate them out (in rows if you don’t have too many pairs, or different bins if you do) based on how often you wear them, and you’ll find yourself far more organized, at least in one aspect of your life.


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